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"Neon Enoch Evangelion" -- Master List of Fic Fragments

I figured I owed it to everyone to create some kind of master list of all the fragments I've written so far, and to put them in some semblance of order. Plus, I'll be adding a link to this master list to all my subsequent posts, for anyone coming into the series for the first time, who wants to catch up.

And for anyone just coming into the series, a little background:

These fics are based on/fragments of a rather ambitious three-part work I've been poking at for some time, a series I'd entitled "The Grigori Continuum" (EDITED TO ADD), but which I've since started calling "Neon Enoch Evangelion". Bit of a joke in the title, since the Book of Enoch is an apocryphal book of the Bible (ie. it's not an official part of the Old Testament, except in the Coptic Christian Church), and I've been somewhat playfully thinking of this series of mine as an apocrypha to the series. It wasn't quite a crossover with Storm Constantine's Grigori trilogy, but I did borrow some characters and elements from it as I formulated it.

The plot for this series (Which I initially proposed here:, in a nutshell: Audio technicians at NERV find some EVP-like sounds while analyzing audio feed recorded during an Angel attack. Further analysis uncovers that the EVP appears to be a voice speaking in what sounds like a form of Enochian. A specialist in Enochian is called in to translate, a mysterious young woman known as Sabia Valiant, who may or may not be a Grigori, one of a class of Angels who chose to take on human forms and mingle freely with the humans. Kozo Fuyutsuki, the Vice-Commander of NERV, starts to delve into her background, mostly out of suspicion, but partly because he finds himself attracted to her; in doing so, he starts to uncover things about NERV and it's parent organization SEELE which could cost both of them their lives.

NOTE: Much of this could be considered a beta draft, so constructive criticism is very much welcome. It's by no means complete, and I'm liable to edit stuff to correct continuity errors; as I revise this, I'll notify you all of "Director's Cut" versions of previously released chapters. I've been trying to write this from the beginning, but it's being ornery and I figured writing what comes to mind first was better than not writing it at all, especially since it's a project that's been sitting in my head for over a year now, and if I don't do something with it, the idea will eat my brain alive.

"Part One: The Grigori Continuum"

"First Implications"
"Academic Check-in"
"Silver General"
"Downtime Guidance"
"Shadow Box and Double Cross"
"Man(?)/Machine Interface"
"Psychic Vampire Codex"
"Curse Missed Opportunities"
"Thunder from Paradise"
"Routine Questioning"
"Her Watch is Keeping"
"Cat's (Clawed) Paw"
"(Please) Get Out of My Space"
"Crushing the Serpent's Head"
"Accidental Resonance/Not What She Seems"
"Imperative Sentences"
"What is and What Should Not Be"
"More than You (Need to)Know"
"Troubles that Can't be Named"
"Last Night of the World/Closing Doors and Ticking Clocks"
"Not Here (Why?)"
"Path (Not) Taken"

"Cut Scene": "The Day of Second Impact"

Omake: "Spirited Away" crossover of sorts -- "Angelic Refugees"

"Part Two: Under the Winter Moon"

Instrumentality has failed and the survivors from NERV headquarters, upon emerging, have forged a shaky union. But can they stay united when one of their number is not even human and how can a handful of people rebuild a world?

"The Dream of a Brightful Day in the End"
"(Un)Welcome Torrent"
"Gathering the Flock"
"For All Mankind"
"Verklaerte Nacht (Transfigured Night)"
"Love in the Ruins, Part One"
"Air in G"
"Memories of Green"
"Reunions Not Looked For"
"Sea of Rebirth"
"Ikarus Descended"
"Scalpel to the Soul"
"Um, Don't Mind the Noisy Neighbors"
"Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon"
"Winter Wine Cup"
"I Don't Know When"

"Part Three: The Nephillim Variation"

Fifteen years have passed since Third Impact and the human race has managed to rebuild, with a hand up from the sympathetic Grigori, who have begun to return to earth. However, their alliance is threatened when Enniel and his minions arrive, determined to avenge a past wrong, and intending to make use of the fruit of the union of one man and one Grigori woman...

"Bedtime Story"
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