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A bit of my childhood gets a reboot

Just hopped onto the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic bandwagon that has been joyriding about the Internet.

MLP was a *huge* part of my childhood: I collected the unicorn ponies from the time they first came out (though I have a few of the first series of first-gen ponies). Even watched the cartoon series when I was... nine? ten? I don't remember it much, except, in retrospect, the baddies left a bigger impression on my young mind than the good guys (ie. the Ponies themselves), whom I probably be relegating to the Mary Sue (Marey Sue??) pile if I watched it now.

But! I am very impressed with the reboot: I love the backstory, and I love the Ponies themselves. Twilight Sparkle has quickly become one of my favorite geek-girl characters. And there have been several Hey, It's That Voice moments: Twilight Sparkle sounds oddly like Utena Tenjou in the dub of the anime, and the tough-girl Griffon in the fourth ep turns out to share a VA with...Revy from Black Lagoon. That was a bit blink-inducing.

I am also delighted to hear the bit of Kripked fanon involving one brown male pony with an hourglass cutie-mark: he's been dubbed by the fans and now by the producers as "Doctor Whooves". Of course that lead me to imagine a pony-fied version of a certain ex-Time Agent, whom I lovingly call "Jack Harkneighss". I may punt the dear onto an emerging LJ RP called bridlewood_rp. Didn't take a whole lot of juggling to make his background a bit more family-friendly, though I decided to err on the side of caution about his, ah, proclivities: now he's just really friendly and charming to everyone, no romantic or fleshly interest involved. Also, he's unable to "pass into the Great Pasture Beyond" (my pony-fied and less painful way of describing death), thanks to what "Rosepony Tyler" pulled off during the battle in "Stablelite 5" where they faced off the "Dalequines" -- think giant metal chess Knights (the kind with the horse head on top) instead of giant salt shakers; the jury is out on whether or not they chant "EX-TER-MI-NATE. EX-TER-MI-NATE. EX-TER-MI-NATE."

There is also the temptation to take my *least* innocent, never mind furthest from G-rated headspace dweller and toss him into the mix. Because the dark side of Equestria (which is a much cooler name than "Ponyland" ever was) could use a ..."Kazutaka Mareraki".
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